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Showcase — 03.14.18

Autumn/Winter ’18 Presentation

Fast and furious, for autumn/winter 2018 Mira Mikati portrays a multi-faceted and thrill-seeking contemporary femininity. With their colourful graphics and burnt rubber fumes, the speedway tracks of racing and cycling serve as settings for the daredevil adrenaline junkies personified in the collection. No longer relegated tocatsuit-wearing eye candy on the racetrack, these women adopt the utilitarian uniforms traditionally associated with menswear.  The visual language of motorsports and biking materialises in an idiosyncratic and optimistic wardrobe for a gang of girl, who never rest.

Empowering and tongue-in-cheek slogans such as “Fastest Girls Alive”, “Always Tomorrow”, and “Burn Fat Not Fuel” appear as appliqué and set the high-spirited mood for garments rooted in handcrafted techniques and fabrication. The patchwork of a leather jacket and dungarees fuses racing numbers and typography, an element echoed in the embroidery featured on a shearling coat, jacket and trousers. The multi-coloured world of Mira Mikati merges with the need for speed in bold caddie dresses and animated jersey sweats such as cropped hoodies with patching. Knitted cycling tops with zip details pay homage to a sportswear classic, while loop knitting appears in a cardigan and scarf nodding at the vivid signage native tothe racetrack.

A pièce de résistance of the collection’s influence, the boiler suit is interpreted in navy for daywear and in a sequinned flower-embellished smoking jumpsuit for evening, matched with handcrafted sequinned robes.

The designer, who usually gets her kicks surfing, found inspiration for the collection on a pursuit of extreme sports in New Zealand. Here, she broke out of her comfort zone in activities such as bungee jumping and skydiving, embracing the irresistible rush of risk-taking

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