An African Summer

An African Summer

January 30 2020

This season, Mira Mikati reimagines the traditional African Safari adventure through her own kaleidoscopic lens. The sandy hues of the savannah are injected with a shot of vibrant colour: electric blue, flamingo pink, lemon-drop yellow, and lime green.

The animals—elephants, tortoise, and the like—take on a fantastical quality illustrated on cosy cotton knits and the charming appliqué patches that appear on white linen pants. In Mikati’sworld, nothing is quite what it seems: for example, a giraffe can have terrific pink spots!

The graphic prints on pyjama suits and off-the-shoulder sundresses are a nod to the mesmerizing murals of the Ndebele people of South Africa. Those distinctive patterns are echoed through the collection via intricate handwork.

Produced by a collective of artisans in India, each of the beaded 3-D cocktail pieces is made over the course of several days then named after the craftsperson who created it. More casual iterations of the beading technique come through on the back of fringed suede jackets and fringed T-shirt dresses.

There’s a marked emphasis on suiting with check blazers and Mikati’s signature wide-legged trousers. The designer’s love of travel is ever-present, however.

There are smile-inducing slogans to get you in the mood for a tropical escape printed on the waistband of her pants, including “Sunshine Soul” and Slow Down.