Green Friday 💚

We only have one planet, that's why at Mira Mikati we want to show Mother Nature some love 🌍.

From Friday 25th to the 29th of November we will be donating 20% of all online sales to TEAMSEAS, the dreamy organisation working to clean up our oceans, rivers and beaches

TEAMSEAS are clearing 30 million pounds of trash from our shores by January 1st 2022 and they're already over half way there!

At Mira Mikati we are committed to reducing waste, chemicals and plastics that pollute the planet and end up in our magical oceans 🐟,

we are learning how to become more 🌎🌈 responsible using in several pieces of our collection recyclable wool, bio cotton, natural dyes and RECY yarn (obtained from common plastic bottle from garbage recycling and recycled cotton from industrial wastage).

Mira and her monsters know that the planet 🌍 is precious, and we want to be part of the solution 🌈

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