Collaboration — 10.08.19

Mr. x Mira Mikati

Back in 2003, when the Mira Mikati label was still in “dream state” I came across the work of MR in a solo exhibition at Galerie Perrotin. I was electrified.

Without a 20 hour flight, I was transplanted into the busy and animated streets of Tokyo, overwhelmed with excitement and joy.

I was truly fascinated. The intricate and playful details of his Kawaii characters were etched into my brain, and even without meeting MR I felt a connection between us.

It might seem slightly ironic to some that I would be so drawn to MR. There is no denying that I live and dream in the world of happy and at a deeper study of MR’s work you can understand that his work is a respite from a difficult and painful childhood filled with fear, the opposite of daydreams of rainbows and unicorns.

However, it was the strength of his character and boldness to confront his fears and determine his own happiness that I found myself constantly celebrating and marvelling at his work. He projects joy, even if it is propelled by sad truths—-the ultimate healing path.


My admiration for his work only grew over the years so much so that I made a pointed visit to Tokyo in 2009 for a studio visit and had the incredible opportunity to meet MR in person. As I knew would be the case in 2003, the connection was deep and authentic. It was a given that we would collaborate, just the timeline and method needed to be determined. A decade later I was in the nascent years of Mira.


Mikati and launched my Monster collection – a nod to the resonance and power of MR’s work on my own psyche, and now today proudly am launching our exclusive collection – a celebration of our shared world view— it may not be that things are always perfect and happy, but why not try to color it so?