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Collaboration — 10.01.21

Mira Mikati x Javier Calleja

Mira Mikati has teamed up with Javier Calleja for their debut capsule collection. After connecting over lockdown, the duo knew they were destined to work together. Drawn together through a shared whimsical aesthetic and a deep affinity for the playfulness of childhood, the pair have put their heads together to create a unisex line.

The line is a kaleidoscope of humorous slogans like “The Only Way is Up”, delicate embroidery and, of course, Javier’s smiling boy characters. These hits of humour, colour and life-affirming art pop against clean pastel shades of baby blue, cream and crisp white t-shirts. The collection features coats, knitwear, shirts, t-shirts and Mira’s signature bomber jacket.

Art and championing emerging artists has always been Mira’s lifeblood and over the years she has collaborated with several globally renowned artists including Kaws, Mr., Jack Pierson, and Darcel. Mira felt an immediate connection to his signature big-eyed boy characters. These cartoon-like drawings of young boys’ faces with huge glassy eyes, and grinning mouths tapped into Mira’s imagination, their mysterious smiles evoking a dreamlike quality she often seeks in her own work.

During the collaboration Javier and Mira connected on more than just a creative level, developing a deep bond that transcended design. As a result the new collection morphed into more than just an ode to their shared personal aesthetics but also friendship and family.

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