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Showcase — 10.24.17

Spring/Summer ’17 Presentation

Images & set by Aimko & Ivan Mathie

Welcome to an island where you never grow up; where the summer never ends, where dreams are born, and where time is never planned.

Childlike whimsicality has quickly become the driving force behind Mikati’s eponymous line, her fourth collection premiering in form with her signature playful defiance to sartorial conformity. Spring/Summer ’17 was nothing short of dreamy notions, a sort-of Neverland-meets-Paris Fashion Week.

A cavernous warehouse space provided an industrial backdrop to the Peter Pan-centric collection, low-hanging clouds creating a celestial space through which attendees wandered, picking through Mikati’s unique, smile-inducing styles. Tropical, colour-blocked flora sat printed, appliquéd, and lasercut on pastel pyjama sets, Oxford-striped A-line frocks, and gamine overcoats and blazers. Hand-painted leathers boasted thematic “Never Grow Up” script alongside crocodile figures and collections of daises, while equatorial toucans—complete with cutout wings–emblazoned the sides of wide-leg trousers and piped skirts.

If seersucker blazers and rainbow racing striped trousers weren’t enough, Mikati teamed up with artist Jack Pierson for a new limited-edition collaboration, borrowing the “Teenage Runway” typographical collage and printing it on the back of her now-trademark bombers–a final touch of sorts to her dreamy wanderlust sensibilities.

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